When All Hell Breaks Loose

When All Hell Breaks Loose covers much of the same ground as How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It, but it is a significantly different book.

This book is much longer, yet easier to read.  It’s layout and graphics are far more professionally done.  On the flip side, the information provided is a much lower quality.  The author babbles endless platitudes and spends more time displaying his attitude than focusing on the topic at hand.

On the positive side, this book is extremely focused on survival strategies you can implement with very little or no money.  Cody’s poor life choices have left him living in a tent in a friends back yard for months at a time; this helped him develop good skills for living cheap.  Unfortunately, the books focus on living cheap causes it focus less on practical survival preparedness for the average American.

The author is extremely annoying.  He’s obviously suffering from ego issues resulting from low self-esteem.  This leads him to act like a Steven Seagal wannabe, down to the pony tail and the blue ribbons in his hair.  Still, the book does contain some useful information and isn’t a completely worthless addition to your survival reading shelf.

Interview with Cody Lundin over When All Hell Breaks Loose

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