Moving Overseas for Security

The United States has been a model of stability since the end of the Civil War in 1865. Over one hundred years of domestic tranquility has caused many Americans to forget that all governments tend towards tyranny.

The United States faces many risks, some created by the nations successes, others by its failures, and still other which are simply bad luck. The wealth and power of the United States attracts fear and resentment from members of less capable cultures. The U.S. has largely been able to ignore those people up to this point, but within a few decades many groups of disaffected individuals will have access to nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons which will have the ability to kill millions of people and may be able to make every major American uninhabitable. This is no ones fault, this is the unstoppable forward march of technology. New technologies make it easier for humans to accomplish their goals — even if their goals are the deaths of millions of innocent people.

Foreign governments and terrorists aren’t the only risk which the U.S. faces. Our domestic tranquility has been made possible by a relatively strong economy. This economic engine has been mismanaged to the point where it has slowed down considerably. If it breaks down further it could fail to meet the basic needs of millions of American citizens. Unemployment is currently above 9% and unemployment benefits can only be extended so many times. The massive debt accrued by the federal government in an attempt to “stimulate” the economy has caused our national credit rating to be reduced from AAA to AA+ for the first time in the history of our nation. If the government becomes unable to borrow, it will be unable to meet it’s unfunded promises to the sick, the retired, and the unemployed. The national debt and unfunded liabilities of the federal government now total more than one million dollars per taxpayer. That kind of debt is simply not sustainable.

Politically, our nations “leaders” are unwilling to take responsibility for the mess we’re in and they are unwilling to make the difficult and unpopular decisions necessary to get the nation back on the road to economic health. Instead, the President uses the language of class warfare to set the newly poor against those who are still able to care for themselves. This is a classic recipe for blood in the streets, but is somehow preferable to admitting that Marxist economic theory is simply wrong.

Not all of our risks are man made. Our famous national park, Yellowstone, is home to one of the worlds largest and most dangerous super volcanoes. This super volcano erupted just 640,000 years ago with a VEI 8 explosion — the largest category of volcanic explosion. There hasn’t been a VEI 8 explosion in the last 26,000 years — anywhere on Earth — but pressure is building underground at Yellowstone. A VEI 8 explosion could destroy significant portions of North America and make the rest uninhabitable for years.

Where To Go?

Any threat to the United States is also a threat to global commerce. Consider what nations are most well adapted to surviving without global commerce. Singapore, for example, is an incredible nation — but raises almost none of it’s own food. Most of the Middle East would starve to death without global commerce bringing them food.

Tropical climates make it easy to grow food. Unfortunately, few tropical nations have stable governments. Panama is one notable exception. Panama has a good government, a great climate, and legal private firearm ownership.

Montenegro is another excellent option for relocation. Montenegro enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate, a stable government, and legal private firearm ownership. During the recent Balkan wars, Montenegro was subject to a near total blockade of international commerce — and the locals were largely unaffected. If global commerce stops, the people of Montenegro and Panama are very well set to survive.

When considering the best location for your survival retreat, expand your horizons and think globally. As Charles Darwin taught us, it is not the most capable animals which survive — it is the most adaptable.

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